Dock Equipment


Levelers/Edge of Docks

Extending out into a docked truck, your leveler or edge of dock is an important part of keeping things moving. When you can't move equipment and product into and out of your trucks you lose productivity. We can service existing levelers and EODs, as well as repairing and in the worst case replacing damaged and worn equipment.


Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are a necessity with any loading dock, keeping your equipment and building from taking significant impact damage when a truck is docked. 

Dock Seals

Sealing a dock against the outside weather is a good way to keep your heating and cooling costs down. It also keeps your employees and product dry and the wind out of your space.

Six dock levelers ready to be delivered to the job site.

Six dock levelers ready to be delivered to the job site.

Truck Doors

We provide repair and replacement services to truck doors as well. We can work on your truck at your location, at our shop, or wherever the truck may be at the time. Keeping the door of your truck operating smoothly means smoother daily operation for you.