Overhead Garage Doors

We service all makes and models of garage doors and openers.



As the face of your house your garage door is often one of the first things that people see. As the largest moving part of your home it should be a safe and reliable addition to your home, not a nuisance.

We can also provide you with a selection of screens. Making your garage space more usable throughout the year.

Problems You Can Check For:

Photo Eye Alignment
Improper alignment of photo eyes will keep your door from closing. Some openers alert you to the problem by flashing the opener lights. Check that your photo eyes can see each other.


Broken Spring
CAUTION! The spring on your door is under high tension. Do not adjust, loosen, touch any part of the spring, cables, bottom brackets, or anything else they may be attached to. That being said a broken spring should be fairly obvious. It will need to be professionally replaced.

Failed Gear Kit
A failed gear kit will only be indicated by lack of movement from the door and the motor humming as if running. This is most common in chain drive Liftmaster, Chamberlain, or Sears openers


We offer sectional overhead doors, fast rolling doors, rolling steel doors, and all of your dock equipment needs. In the case of a hit door or broken spring we can in most cases get you back up and moving in the same day.

Fire Doors

We offer service and inspection of commercial fire doors. We can do your annual drop tests to ensure the safety of your employees, property, and product.

Storage Units

Storage unit doors require a minimum of service, but on occasion they do need some attention. Hard to open doors are off putting for customers, and may be a result of broken springs or other damaged components.

General Service/Maintenance

Annual service to your door is a good way to prevent large problems while they are small problems. This service involves lubricating the door and checking all of your door's safeties and operation.

Truck Doors

We provide repair and replacement services to truck doors as well. We can work on your truck at your location, at our shop, or wherever the truck may be at the time. Keeping the door of your truck operating smoothly means smoother daily operation for you.